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Name: Julie Abrams
From: Louisville, CO
Michael and I first met at Shwayder camp. We bonded over mogul skiing and he gave me a hard time about skiing Vail for the last few years. After camp, I started by freshman year at CU. Michael came to visit me on one of the first nights of college. I had just moved into the dorms and had only met my roommate in passing. Michael and I tried to share my twin bed on a warm night at the end of the summer. Needless to say it was extremely uncomfortable so Michael got up and started pacing around the room. What he did next horrified me. He sat next to my roommate while she was sleeping and woke her up to introduce himself! I was completely embarrassed, but fortunately in the morning my roommate thought it was funny.

Over the years, we had many great times together. One that was most memorable was when Michael convinced me to go shoe shopping with him. First of all, I don’t even like shopping, especially when it is for someone else. I have never met anyone so particular about his shoes in my entire life. He tried on a pair that he liked, but the line across the toe wasn’t quite right, so he decided not to get them. We walked around the mall looking for shoes and after four hours of not being able to find the perfect pair, we went back to the first store and got the pair with the line across the toe. I was exhausted and vowed never to go shopping with Michael again. It was an experience and still makes me laugh when I think about it.
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Name: Jennifer Baughman
From: San Rafael, CA
Let me tell you a funny story I remember about Michael and his dog Molly. When Michael and I were roommates, I was working as an administrative assistant and one of my job duties was to bake a cake every month for the office birthdays. Well, one of the things I remember most about Michael was his voracious appetite! So every time I baked a cake, he would circle the kitchen and ask, “What are you doing?”, “When are you taking that to work?”, and “M’mmm, that smells good!” And every month I would tell him that I would bring him a piece home if there were any leftovers. So, one time I brought the cake home, put a piece on a paper plate, and put it on his bedside table. When he got home, I told him I had left him a surprise in his room. He went and looked and came back and said, “I don’t see anything.” So, I told him I had left him a piece of cake right on his table and that he couldn’t miss it. He got all excited and went back to look again and came back all sad, saying there was nothing there. So I got up, marched into his room to show it to him and it was gone, plate and all! I couldn’t understand where it had gone. Meanwhile, I could tell Michael was really upset about not getting his cake. So we looked all over his room, then went out in the backyard and found a small piece of paper plate that had teeth marks on it and had been licked clean, and saw Molly skulking about the yard. It was so funny because Michael loved Molly so much, but that day I think he was torn between the cake and her! We ended up going out for Thai food that night…I don’t know if it made up for the cake or not, but it was fun. This story reminds me of all the wonderful things I loved about Michael.
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